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If you are a Chicago Blackhawks fan, I probably don’t have to tell you very many, if any facts, at all about your team! As loyal Hockey fans, more than likely, you can rattle off statistics about your favorite team faster than anyone can bat an eyelash or yell “fight” on the ice (with your eyes closed, right?). But if by some small chance, you find yourself to be new to the World of Hockey or a relatively new fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, perhaps putting a few statistics and factoids up your sleeve would serve you well to be able to wow all your friends at your next hockey get together, to cheer on your team.

Did you know that the Chicago Blackhawks are one of the six original NHL Hockey teams? Yes! And despite that long-standing fact, sadly, they have only won 3 Stanley Cups in their history of existence. I know, we have hopes every season to change that statistic! But HOW does that happen, you may ask yourself? Maybe it’s all about a stroke of luck, maybe it requires a little bit of fan superstition. (Hey, we all have our lucky socks that we wear for EVERY playoff game) But no matter what, the Chicago Blackhawks have ALWAYS played with heart. Their Top 6 All-time Scorers are as follows: Stan Mikita, who shot an outrageous 1,467 goals in his career, Bobby Hull, Denis Savard, Steve Larmer, Doug Wilson, and our current force to be reckoned with – Patrick Kane, who is on a roll with 704 career goals.

On January 30, 1969, our beloved Blackhawks scored the MOST goals they have ever scored in a single game against the Philadelphia Flyers. Can we say 12 goals, folks?! I don’t know about you, but that seems like an awful lot of Hockey was being played that day. Apparently, on that game day the fans “went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!” The Blackhawks also scored their biggest comeback in a game against the Calgary Flames – IN CHICAGO – yes fans, it was during a home game – on October 13, 2009.

In more recent days, the Blackhawks seem to be an unstoppable force in Chicago. They are on a 12-game winning streak so far and are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Thank goodness! Maybe it really is all those lucky socks being worn by loyal fans who refuse to wash them until the season is over. If you are a TRUE fan, you understand the need to keep everything the same. We can’t chance washing our socks, only to have to take the blame from our fellow fan friends that it was “our fault” they didn’t win. No way! Sure, it seems stinky, but who are we to judge a good thing? Besides, it’s nothing that a day airing out on a clothesline can’t fix.

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Go Blackhawks!…